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Shri Hiralal Bapulal Kapadia
   Shri Hiralal Bapulal Kapadia
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Respected Shri H.B.Kapadia Saheb pioneered the foundation oh the H.B.K. New High School in the year 1956 at Shahibaug,Ahmedabad.He is revered not only as a great academician , but also as an efficient administrator and brilliant organizer.
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Birth Date: 7/14/1893   Late Date: 1/9/1967
Shri Hiralal Bapulal Kapadia
Smt. Beenaben Shreyasbhai Pandya
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Smt. Beenaben Pandya, wife of Shri Shreyas Pandya was such a pleasant, good conduct, loving, openhanded and valiant personality. She has done a lot for her family, friends and society. She lived her life lively and she never gave up. She herself was an inspiration academy. Whatever she has done in life is admirable.
Birth Date: 6/9/1956   Late Date: 12/14/2008
Shri Hiralal Bapulal Kapadia
Shri Navnitlal Hiralal Kapadia
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The noble tradition legacied by the honourable founder of the school Shri H.B.Kapadia Saheb was earnestly carried forward by his son Respected Shri N.H.Kapadia Saheb. He Kept the flame of learning that was lit by the establishment of The H.B.K. New High School aglow after the demise of Shri H.B.Kapadia Saheb, with the same sincerity,...
Birth Date: 5/5/1931   Late Date: 11/10/1987

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